We don’t spend all our time in rinks; sometimes we need to eat and drink.

Let’s celebrate another awesome season done
And dream of hockey yet to come
With fellowship, and damsels, too
We’ll get together to hoist a few
To tell the tales of goals we scored
And that illegal check along the boards
And those that are no longer here
And what we plan to do next year

DATE/TIME: Sunday, April 7 6:30 PM

PLACE: Stagehouse Tavern, 366 Park Avenue, Scotch Plains, NJ

COST: WOTHIHC Season Members: $10, plus $5 for 1st guest
Non-members: $20, plus $10 for 1st
2013 Major Award Winners:

Lady Byng:     Russ Jones     
Hangman:      Adam Popko  
MVP:              Bill Weiss       
Best Defense: Wayne Burnett
True Grit:        Dean Yack
Lifetime Achievement:   Jerry Neilson
Best Excuse For Not Skating: Mark Lee
Adam Popko
Bill Weiss
True Grit
Dean Yack
Lifetime Achievement
Jerry Neilson
Best Excuse For Not Skating
Mark Lee
Longest Commute
Mitch Lumagui
Lady Byng
Russ Jones
Best Defenseman
Wayne Burnett
Remembered It's Friday
Rich Greenspan
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